Journal Articles

Hill-Woods, Alice. “Anna Kavan’s Ecologies of Trauma: Who Are You? and Ice.” Journal of Literature and Trauma Studies 8.2 (2019): 55-75.

Conferences and Invited Talks

“Living Multitudes.” 2024. Women’s Marginalised Health Network Inaugural Symposium. University of Tilburg, Netherlands.

“Ann Quin and Gut Feelings.” 2023. Christine Brooke-Rose Centenary Symposium. University of Oxford, UK.

“Vital Lyric.” 2022. Invited guest practitioner. Biographical Fictioning Autumn Masterclass. The Glasgow School of Art, UK.

“Disorientation as Queer Strategy in Ann Quin’s Three.” 2022. Experimental Writing in English (1945-2000) – The Anti-Canon. Palace of the Academies, Brussels.

“Rewilding Care in Derek Jarman’s Life-Writing.” 2022. Futures of Care Symposium. Thackray Museum of Modern Medicine, Leeds.

“Entangled Selves, Bodied Ecologies.” 2022. Invited guest practitioner. Biographical Fictioning Summer Masterclass, the Glasgow School of Art, UK.

“War, Dystopia and Trauma Ecologies in Anna Kavan's Ice (1967).” 2021. War and Nature: Traces, Interactions and Reconfigurations. Université Paul Valery Montpellier 3, France.

“‘Body an outpost, boundaries obscure’: Ann Quin's Passages of Trauma.” 2021. Spatial Modernities Conference. University of York, UK.

“Autopathography as (eco)biosocial resistance: Aurora Levins Morales’s Kindling.” 2020. Contemporary Women’s Writing and the Medical Humanities. Institute of Modern Languages Research, London.